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Since we all must eat to survive, why shouldn't we eat delicious foods? I am including recipes that for the most part are tried and true. Most of you have already had the pleasure of sampling these but if not, follow the instructions and enjoy!

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Mom & Dad PappaMom & Dad Franzen

John FranzenBarb Franzen

Peggy WillMonte Will

Richard PappaLinda Murray

Karen MonaghanTom Monaghan

Grandma DeRiggi

Many of these recipes originated from my Grandma DeRiggi and have been passed down to her children (my mother, aunts and uncles). I am generally giving credit for the recipe to the person who has given it to me. Please see my lawyer if you take umbrage with this.

Ricotta Cheese Pie


Easter Bread

Pineapple Upside Down

Porkchop Sandwich


Hot Sausage Sandwich

Coconut Cream Pie

City Chicken

Orange Sauce Chicken

Chicken Bread

Orange & Balsamic Chicken


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